Female Friendly started in 2007 and is the first national company to see the importance of having a Directory for women to find trusted and reliable businesses.

The ‘PINK TICK’ is a familiar sign that women respect nationwide. When we need the services of a good mechanic or we’re after a nice electrician to come to our homes, ladies like to ask each other for their recommendations. 

Female Friendly understand the importance of using trusted and reliable businesses and we believe that word of mouth can be more powerful than general advertising. We find businesses used and recommended by women, then we take it one step further! 

We list businesses Australia wide and each business is either ‘Recommended’ by women or ‘Accredited’. 

‘Recommended’ represents women sharing their view that the business is a reliable, respectful and worthwhile business to go to. ‘Accredited’ represents the businesses that have achieved Female Friendly Accreditation by meeting our criteria so you can be confident you will receive quality customer service. 

If you know of a business you trust and recommend to the ladies in your life, a business that you return to time and time again because they are outstanding and efficient, we’d love to hear about them!